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Millennium Innovation Forum
Future Bazaar, 19 May 2021

Visit the exciting Future Bazaar online to learn how research findings are translated into applications and technologies. We bring researchers, industry representatives and decision makers together under an umbrella of inspiring events taking place between the sessions of the Millennium Innovation Forum.


Virtual partner lounge

Interested in a one-to-one meeting with top representatives of industry, universities and governmental decision makers? 

The Millennium Technology Prize partners and the Millennium Innovation Forum 2021 event partners share their views on how technology, research and innovation impact society and its citizens, and bring us into tomorrow. You will find them in the virtual partner lounge. 


Virtual visits

Don't miss the opportunity to visit future in the making!

Millennium Technology Prize partners welcome you on a journey to the birthplaces of their innovations. The visits take you to destinations that are generally not open to the public, providing a unique perspective to the technological solutions that shape our lives – today and tomorrow. Each visit contains an interactive part where visitors are invited to ask questions and share their impressions.


METSÄ GROUP: How textile fibre is made out of wood?

Niklas von Weymarn, CEO, Metsä Spring Ltd

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Get familiar with how textile is made out of wood.

Metsä Group presents a new way of converting wood-based pulp into textile fibre, a raw material in manufacture of e.g. clothing and face masks. Join Metsä Spring’s CEO Niklas von Weymarn, as he explains the steps involved and shows some highlights of the textile fibre demo plant in Äänekoski, Finland.

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VAISALA: From science to silicon and societal impact

Kai Öistämö, President and CEO & Ulla Bogdanoff, Head of Sensor factory, Vaisala

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Behind the scenes of developing and producing Vaisala’s science-based innovations. Welcome to our newly opened R&D center and in-house cleanroom and see how we turn silicon wafers and artificial intelligence into actionable insight. ​

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NESTE: From Well To Wheel

Host: Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Neste Corporation

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Welcome to visit Neste feedstock laboratory to peek in how we turn different raw materials in to sustainable fuel. 

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HALTON: Creating and verifying safe virus free environments 

Hosts: Anu Saxén, Director, Buildings Segment Sales & Marketing & Kim Hagström, Director, Technology & Kai Konola, President and CEO, Halton Group Ltd

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We have a medical operation in progress in the OR (Operation Room). Let us have a look at how we secure and verify the virus free environment in real life OR situations. Welcome to visit Halton's InnovationHub in Kausala!

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AALTO UNIVERSITY: Aalto in Space and Artic Seas

Hosts: Professors Anne Lähteemäki and Pentti Kujala

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You will visit Aalto University’s Metsähovi Radio observatory, where Aalto research on space gains access to new universes and Ice Tank laboratory, where Aalto’s artic sea research experiments in icy conditions.  After the virtual tours Professors Anne Lähteemäki and Pentti Kujala will answer your questions on Metsähovi and Ice Tank.

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NOKIA: We build critical networks that help keep the economies and societies running also during challenging times 

Hosts: Tommi Uitto, President, Mobile Networks & Erja Sankari, Vice president, Mobile Networks Supply Chain and Nokia Oulu Site Head

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Nokia builds networks for operators and other enterprise customers that provide fast and high-quality wireless and wireline communication solutions for consumers and businesses. Join us to visit the Nokia Oulu factory to see how our networks are used in real life to automate and virtualize operations in a manufacturing set-up, in a sustainable manner.

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Millennium Pitching Contest



Shruti Jain, University of Turku

Nanoparticle based blood test for early detection of cancer

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Early detection is the key to curing cancer! My research focuses on highly fluorescent, lectin-bearing nanoparticles to detect the altered sugars at an early stage of the cancer. The concept enables design of simple, fast, and affordable tests.

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Sachin Kochrekar, University of Turku

Carbon dioxide to fuel

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An increasing level of carbon dioxide (CO2) from human activities is the main cause of the observed current trend in global warming. My research focuses on a sustainable approach that is driving the conversion of CO2 a freely available rich carbon source into fuel using renewable sources of energy, thereby helping to mitigate climate change and close the carbon cycle.

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Veera Koskue, Tampere University

What you flush down the toilet might feed you in the future

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We all depend on food, and our food production depends on the use of growth-promoting fertilizers. Unfortunately, the current fertilizer production practices are far from sustainable due to high energy consumption and environmental pollution. In search of alternative methods for more efficient nutrient recycling, I invite you all to join me on a trip down the toilet.

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Samu-Pekka Ojanen, Vaisala

Integrated gas sensor network for real-time monitoring of air pollutants

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More people live in an urban environment than ever before, which leads to increasing health problems and early deaths due to exposure to toxic emissions. What if you could have a network of small sensors on every car, measuring these emissions in real time all around urban areas? Such data would be valuable for controlling and reducing these harmful emissions.

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Anna Ylinen, VTT Technical research center of Finland

Production of biodegradable plastic materials with microorganisms

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How to avoid plastic pollution in the future? After my pitch, you will have a basic understanding of the fully biodegradable and biobased plastics called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). I will also discuss how synthetic biology can take the PHA technology to the next level, as well as some interesting applications for the future.

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Are you ready for high-quality, fast-paced and dynamic 3-minute pitches describing innovations for a better life? Find out how doctoral candidates with a passion for innovation use research-based future technologies and innovations to solve the grand challenges of our time! 

The Millennium Pitching Contest participants represent the Millennium Technology Prize partners, the partnering universities, VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) and the Millennium Innovation Forum event partners. The contest is organized by Technology Academy Finland as part of the Millennium Innovation Forum 2021 programme. 

The contest began in March 2021 with an online pre-selection. An interdisciplinary jury has chosen five finalists based on the pre-selection submissions, and the winner of the Grand Final will be revealed during the Millennium Innovation Forum on 19 May 2021

Each pitch identifies a challenge and describe a proposed solution. The pitches are scored according to the following criteria: 

  1. Novelty and innovativeness of the proposed idea (weight: 50%) 
  2. Relevance, scientific and societal importance of the proposed idea (weight: 50%) 

The three best pitches will receive awards for merit as encouragement grants in recognition of novel, impactful and innovative scientific activities. The Millennium Pitching Contest organized as part of the Millennium Innovation Forum 2021 is generously supported by: 

10.000 €

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
5.000 €

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd

2.000 €

Svenska Tekniska Vetenskapsakademien i Finland