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Speaker interview: Heli Skottman

Speaker interview: Heli Skottman



“Investments in research save lives. That is more true than ever now with the pandemic.”

Speaking at the session:

13.45 Building a better life


Heli Skottman is a Professor and Team leader at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology in Tampere University, Finland.  She is a stem cell researcher specialized in establishment, culture and differentiating human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) that enable for example developing tools for cell therapy applications – and creating human spare parts.


What are human spare parts?

“Human spare parts have been already used for several decades but research and emerging breakthrough technologies are taking steps from inert spare parts towards tissue engineered living human spare parts. Moreover, novel technologies combining living cells with high-tech technological solutions open a new horizon for futuristic innovations where the lack of imagination could be the most rate limiting step.

In our work, we have taken steps to provide technological innovations and novel treatment solutions for patients suffering from blindness, one of the most important issue affecting well-being and the quality of life in modern society.”

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What is it that you most want to tell to the World?

“Research driven knowledge is trivial for the novel innovations and technological solutions but without clear vison in research, you are planting trees without seeing the forest. And without multidisciplinary collaboration and long-term investments in sciences your planting soil remains poor.

Investments in research save lives, that is more true than ever now with the pandemic situation. Bare this in mind when cutting investments from future R&D.”


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