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Speaker interview: Pasi Vainikka

Speaker interview: Pasi Vainikka



“We already have technologies to save the planet.”

Speaking at the session:
11.15 Don’t miss the future


Vainikka is Chief Executive Officer at Solar Foods Ltd that he co-founded in 2017. Solar Food’s technology enables natural protein production anywhere by using air and electricity, without agriculture. Vainikka has also led a strategic initiative, Neo-Carbon Energy, that was the single-largest renewable energy research in Finland so far. Spin-off projects from that initiative include Soletair pilot plant producing fuel from air, Neo-Carbon-Food concept for producing healthy protein from air – now commercialized by Solar Foods – as well as the wold’s first simulation for global 100% renewable electricity system named the “Internet of Energy”.


What viewpoints would you like to bring to the discussion in the Millennium Innovation Forum?​ 

“Technologies are developing so fast a lot of business intelligence and competence is needed from the decision makers only to stay up-to-date. I give concrete examples of these technologies that did not exist only few years ago but are here to save the planet. They are surprising.”


What is it that you most want to tell to the World?  

“Science is like magic but real. Its role is to empower the individual to be part of the climate solution – not part of the problem.”


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